About Us


The HOSPITALITY AND TOOURISM GUIDE is a unique free circulating advertising newspaper registered by the national media commission in 2009 targeting the upper and middle segment of the market with the purchasing power which provides a tailored advertising platform to companies and also to serve as a tool for projecting, promoting and creating excitement around the hospitality and tourism industry in Ghana. The tourism industry is a major contributor to the GDP of the country and has a huge potential of generating more revenue, however the sector lacks adequate publicity and there is no concerted efforts by the media fraternity to promote, project and to create excitement around the sector to generate more revenue through domestic tourism, hence the introduction of the HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM GUIDE to serve as a tool for the promotion of the sector.



  • To promote and market Ghana as a number one tourist destination in Africa.
  • To adopt persuasive, innovative and promotional communication strategies to stimulate passion for Domestic tourism.
  • To provide and advertising platform for industry players with limited resources.



  • To be the number one media platform in Ghana to promote, discover, develop and ignite passion in Ghanaians to take interest in tourism.
  • To be the leading media platforms dedicated to selling Ghana to Ghana and the world at large as the most hospitable nation on earth.

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